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Building skills to prosper and be a positive force in our changing world

Vegan Scouts provides an inclusive scouting program for Portland-area vegan kids, emphasizing civic action on animal welfare, environment, health, and social justice, and skills to prosper and be a positive force in our changing world.

We get together monthly, at our all-scout gatherings, alternating between Saturdays and Sundays

We also meet in neighborhood-based troops every other week, where scouts complete curricular activities to earn badges.

Currently, we have two troops:

  • Southeast, meeting every other Friday, from 4:45 to 6:15 pm
  • Northeast, meeting every other Tuesday, from 5:00 to 6:30 pm

Scouts may join any troop with availability, regardless of location.

We have tracks for all ages:

  • Koalas (5 and under)
  • Gorillas (6-9, K-3rd)
  • Elephants (10+, 4th+)

Vegan Scouts welcomes all vegan children of any age, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion (or no-religion), or other differentiating factors.

Our program

The Vegan Scouts curriculum spans seven foundations: 

  • Veganism
  • The world around us (understanding society)
  • Nature skills and appreciation (understanding and being comfortable and safe in nature)
  • Life skills (basic skills for living in today’s world)
  • Self and others
  • Social change (working with others to make the world a better place)

Each foundation is home to a number of tracks—sets of educational and developmental activities through which scouts can earn badges.

A core principle of Vegan Scouts is respect for children. Learn more about what we mean.

Join us!

Membership dues are $25-$125 sliding scale/year per child. Dues help cover costs. Vegan Scouts is an all-volunteer organization. Dues may be paid in installments. We provide fee subsidies whenever possible so that no family is turned away for lack of funds.

All Vegan Scouts activities are parent/child.

Join us by completing the membership form.

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